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Jeffrey L Minch's (JLM) Wisdom of the Campfire

The challenge with business today is the application of good and sound judgment in a difficult economic environment.

Good judgment, the product of experience.
Experience the product of bad judgment.

The most important thing is to learn from other folks' experience.  Like mine.

Here is what Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze had to say:

"I consider Jeff to be one of the greatest CEO coaches of all time.  He will challenge you, call your bluff, and infuse your thinking with fresh ideas on the strategic and tactical.  If you have the chance to work with him, trust me --- seize it immediately."

Once upon a time, folks sat around a campfire and passed along the lore and wisdom of a lifetime from one generation to another.  The Wisdom of the Campfire --- that is what I can assist you with.

The tuition of life is very expensive.  What you may struggle through, I may have done hundreds of times.

The seemingly fatal challenges you may face --- strategic planning, dealing with employment agreements, Boards of Directors, raising capital, dealing with the SEC, dealing with venture capitalists, first time manager or leadership issues, compensation issues, compensation plan design, incentive compensation, performance appraisal and whole lot more --- I have been doing for years.

While everyone must learn from experience, it may be easier and less expensive for you to let me lend you some of my experience.

Many times in life and business what is needed is the voice and confidence of experience, the ability to test your ideas with a sympathetic but seasoned ear and sometimes just a friend to listen to your thoughts and help you sort them out.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

As I am fond of saying, your generation did NOT invent sex or business.

Do not hesitate to call me and let me assist you.  I will be glad and happy to do so.

Take a look at my blog at www.themusingsofthebigredcar.com.  Look at the FREE STUFF tab for some exemplars that may be of use to you.

There is a free Startup and Small Business Checklist on the blog.  It is a useful tool and it is yours free.
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  • Question and Answer Service
  • Direct access via Skype
  • Weekly entry in The Musings of the Big Red Car blog
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Jeffrey L Minch has been in business for a third of a century and has run large private companies and small public companies. He is intimately familiar with what it takes to run a company in today's challenging times. He has worked with Boards of Directors, highly regulated businesses and has raised over $1B in debt and equity. He can help you with getting a startup business out of the cradle and growing. He is a successful entrepreneur and knows exactly what you are going through.