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Do you sometimes ask yourself how to let students master a topic? What exercises to give them? How to write a fair and balanced exam? That makes you an honest teacher or professor!

You want your students to advance and succeed. You deserve a little praise for your effort to help young people on their way into their professional lifes. You could do with some support!

I’d love to give you unlimited email Q&A support with:

* outlining your course or training

* writing texts

* developing examples

* designing exams

* no matter what’s the subject

Extra every month in your mailbox: deep and practical insights from my experience and research on course and exam development for (young) adults:

* how to teach the complicated stuff

* what do students better find out for themselves

* how you’ll keep students motivated throughout your course

* how you deal with different levels between students in one course

* multiple-choice questions: how to make them excellent - and fast

* how you can test practical skills

* … and much more to make you and your student succeed

Whether you are developing a new course or exam, or you want to review one, I am only an email away. You can ask in English, Dutch, German or French, and I’ll gladly answer you in either Englisch or Dutch.

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in whatever field you educate: the psychology of adult learning is all the same!

Email me day or night. I always try to answer within 24 hours and if you keep it short and simple you'll have an answer much faster than that. Benefit from my insights in how people learn best, get your work done well and fast and earn the recognition that you deserve!

What You Will Get
Insight Deepener in your mailbox
Receive deep and practical insights on course and exam development in your mailbox every month. You may request special topics that you find important. If you want only these e-mails, and not the Q&A, sign up for voomly.com/coursedevelopment, it’s free!
Private Q&A via email
You have questions, a seasoned course and exam developer has answers! Please keep emails to one question at a time and I will usually respond within one day. You can email as often as you like.
Education Series
Practical Guide on Exam Development
Including topics like: * how you test the level of every individual student with one exam * superior testing methods for either knowledge, understanding, insight or skills * what and how to test with multiple-choice questions (and what not). Signup and you’ll get it as soon as it’s ready.
Ton Bil
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Ton Bil
What You Will Get
  • Insight Deepener in your mailbox
  • Private Q&A via email
  • Practical Guide on Exam Development
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Helping people master stuff is my passion.

Since 1990 I have developed materials, teached and trained adults with well respected (Dutch) educational institutes and publishers like ISBW, SRM, NCOI, ThiemeMeulenhoff, Pearson/Financial Times, Amnesty International, HES School of Economics, and HVA University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Meanwhile I researched what does and what doesn’t work. Now I’m here to help you! Consider me as your specialized colleague, if you will.